2022 Hot Sale Christmas Colorful Felt XMAS Snowman Wine Bottle Cover

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  • These cute dwarf wine bottle caps are well designed and have a funny, cute old man head that will make you smile when you see him.

  • The santa's long beard made of wool yarn, soft and delicate, and the heads is made of roto-cast vinyl . It will last for years as long as it's kept safe. Wash with water and air dry in a well-ventilated place.

  • These bottle caps provide gift bags for wine bottles of wine or champagne.

Model  A Weight 70g
Height 300mm Width 150mm
Model  B Weight 34.4g
Height 300mm Width 80mm
Model  C Weight 30g
Height 340mm Width 70mm
Model  D Weight 40g
Height 300mm Width 90mm