230759 Wristbands Adjustable Wristbands Self Adhesive Waterproof Hand Bands

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  • Our activity paper wrist straps is made of imported DuPont paper, which ensures good quality, bright color, waterproof, wear-resistant, tear resistant, soft, light and disposable. The event wrist strap will not fade when touching water.

  • It has a longer service life than other paper wrist straps, so you can use it with confidence .

  • First, put the wristband on your wrist and adjust it to the appropriate length for your wrist. Then, tear off the protective paper on the tape and stick it on the other end, so that it can be firmly put on your hand. No matter how you swing, it will not fall off .

  • Disposable waterproof wrist strap is applicable to many scenes, mainly applicable to various children's amusement parks, Happy Valley, natatoriums, water parks, outdoor expansion, team competitions, concerts, campus activities, lectures, etc.