25CM Household Original Chicken Wing Wooden Chopsticks Set

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  • The chopsticks are environmental protection, pure natural, original ecology, hand-polished.

  • They do not degrade, crack, bend, stain, chip, swell, chip, corrode or mold, and are as durable as stainless steel.

  • It is lightweight material - lighter than metal, easy to use! Ideal for everyday use and restaurants, hotels and kitchens. Suitable for families, travel, camping and holiday party family hotels, high-end restaurants, hot pot, dishes, noodles, cooking, etc.

  • Chopsticks can withstand high temperature sterilization. For the health of you and your family, in addition to daily disinfection of chopsticks, it is recommended to change every three months.

Model: QGC-16
Color: Natrual Wood color
Size: 250*8*4mm
Material: Winge,Red sandalwood,Yellow sandalwood,Ironwood
Packing: bulk packing ,Gift box