Amazon Washable Custom Logo Cotton Face Masker with Adjustable Straps and Pocket for Filter

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  • Reusable cloth face mask is made of high-quality cotton. The cloth face mask has a filter pocket and can be inserted into the filter .

  • Cloth face mask has a nose clip and adjustable elastic ear hooks. And the cloth face mask can be reused, is breathable, comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly.

  • Wash before first use,Cloth face masks washable can be hand-washed or machine-washed.

  • They are suitable for daily use at work, study, shopping, beauty, parties, sports, etc.

Model:A/B/C Longth:260mm
Size:L Width:150mm
Model:A/B/C Longth:210mm
Size:M Width:130mm
Model:A/B/C Longth:160mm
Size:S Width:110mm
Model:A/B/C Longth:260mm
Size:XL Width:160mm
Model:D/E/F/G Longth:175mm
Size: Width:133mm