Bunch Balloons Filled Balloon Waterballoon Water Base

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  • These water balloons biodegradable quick fill expand with water rapidly, filling multiple water balloons simultaneously. Biodegradable water balloons are environmentally friendly green toys.

  • Our water balloons make for great outdoor backyard games for tons of water fun, water activities for kids outside or water balloons for kids water fights! Parents, feel free to get in on the action and let your little ones experience the extreme fun with these water toys for backyard water battles for super fun kids water play!

  • This bunch of balloons water balloons bulk pack comes in multiple vibrant colors and are super fun kids water toys for the backyard and highest quality water baloons designed for safety and fun! Each water baloon color gives you the ability to create multiple water games for kids by creating multiple different teams.

Name Luminous Balloon
Material Natural Latex
Colour Multi-colored
Shape Circular Shape
Characteristic Ribbon Lamp