Christmas Aprons With Adjustable Neck Strap and Pocket

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  • The heat resistant oven mitts are thicker and longer designed. The Christmas oven mitt set pockets are lined with super soft cotton and premium insulation to keep your hands and fingers safe from heat, steam and grease-a perfect hand protector so no more worries of burning your skin.

  • The cotton lining is double-reinforced and the sewing is precise. So, the Interior cotton will not fall out after washing and can be used repeatedly.

  • This Christmas oven glove used hanging ring design for easy drying and storage. A variety of designs make the Christmas oven mitts glove set even more decorative, with Christmas gifts and stockings adorning the Christmas oven mitts set.

Model Apron Weight 48g
Height 740mm Width 630mm
Model Glove Weight 38g
Height 270mm Width 180mm
Model insulation pad Weight 12g
Height 170mm Width 170mm