Custom Hot Gold Stamping foil Business Card

Custom Hot Gold Stamping foil Business Card

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  • Choose the background color you like, upload the image you want to display, and enter the message you want to convey. Our design team will customize your card to look better than the preview.

  • The custom business card is made of good quality paper, the paper is thick and not easy to break. The surface of the card has an advanced matte layer process, which is soft to the touch and not easy to get dirty. Multiple precise cuts are used to leave smooth borders around each business card.

  • Our design templates allow you to create business cards with single-sided or double-sided options, specifying areas, fonts and background colors. Please note that if the information you enter is too long, the typographic effect of the font will be smaller in the limited space.

  • Our personalized custom business cards are perfect for professional use, impressing new friends, thanking old friends for supporting your small business, after-care tags, gift tags coupons, and more.