Custom Stainless Steel Double-Walled Vacuum Sublimation Blanks Cola Shape Thermos Bottle

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  • This bottle is crafted with double walls, the only bottle out there with inside and outside stainless steel.

  • Our lightweight yet rugged metal water bottle is crafted of eco-friendly premium stainless steel.

  • Its slim, sleek body fits in standard cup holders, making the hiking bottles convenient for taking on the go. The screw-top lid is entirely leak-free to prevent spills and messes.

  • These reusable bottles are great for hiking, biking, gym, travel, school, work, and just about anywhere you might get thirsty!

Capacity 260ml Weight 215g Retail Packaging 70×70×220mm
Inner Material  304SS Mug Size 67×67×206mm Carton Packaging 44×37×23cm
Outer Material  201SS QTY  20pcs G.W  4.3/5.5kg
Capacity 350ml Weight 240g Retail Packaging 73×73×230mm
Inner Material  304SS Mug Size 70×70×215mm Carton Packaging 38×30.5×23.5cm
Outer Material  201SS QTY  20pcs G.W  4.8/6kg
Capacity 420ml Weight 260g Retail Packaging 75×75×250mm
Inner Material  304SS Mug Size 71×71×240mm Carton Packaging 39×31×27cm
Outer Material  201SS QTY  20pcs G.W  5.2/6.7kg
Capacity 500ml Weight 290g Retail Packaging 75×75×280mm
Inner Material  304SS Mug Size 71×71×262mm Carton Packaging 31.5×39×30cm
Outer Material  201SS QTY  20pcs G.W  5.8/7kg
Capacity 750ml Weight 436g Retail Packaging 85×85×310mm
Inner Material  304SS Mug Size 80×80×300mm Carton Packaging 46×37×33cm
Outer Material  201SS QTY  20pcs G.W  10/11kg
Capacity 1000ml Weight 463g Retail Packaging 95×95×340mm
Inner Material  304SS Mug Size 90×90×322mm Carton Packaging 49×39×36cm
Outer Material  201SS QTY  20pcs G.W  9.3/11.3kg
Capacity 1500ml Weight 640g Retail Packaging 110×110×360mm
Inner Material  304SS Mug Size 106×106×330mm Carton Packaging 57×46×38cm
Outer Material  201SS QTY  20pcs G.W  12.8/15.3kg
Capacity 1800ml Weight 686g Retail Packaging 110×110×380mm
Inner Material  304SS Mug Size 106×106×367mm Carton Packaging 57×46×40cm
Outer Material  201SS QTY  20pcs G.W  13.7/15.2kg