Eco friendly Decoration Bamboo Wooden Serving Tray for Food and Tea

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  • This pizza peelis is made of Nan bamboo. Bamboo is famous for being a very hard wood and very ecologically-friendly and provides a beautiful wood aesthetic.

  • Our pizza paddle comes with an ergonomic designed handle for a comfortablem, secure grip. The smooth handle fits well in any handsize .

  • Simply wash the wooden pizza peelwith mild soap and water and hang it by the handle hole for easy air drying.

  • With zero splinters and warpings, our bamboo wood pizza peelhas a texture perfect for smooth, easy, and non-sticky pizza transfer.

  • Our bamboo wood pizza paddleis an all-rounder! You can use it as a pizza spatula, paddle, a chopping board for cutting veggies, fruits, and cheese, and it is also perfect as an aesthetic platter for sushi and salad servings.

Material:  Bamboo
Size: 30*15*1.5cm,40*20*1.5cm
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Packing :  paper box
Use :  Serve food