Elastic Knee Wrap Compression Bandage

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  • Our Extra Long Elastic Knee Wrap Compression Bandage Brace is designed to provide optimal support for your knee during physical activities or post-injury recovery. Made from high-quality, stretchable fabric, it fits snugly and comfortably, ensuring maximum compression. Its extra-long length allows for better coverage and additional support.

  • Easy to use and adjustable, it fits a wide range of knee sizes. Whether you're into sports, fitness, or need extra support for a recovering knee, this brace is your perfect companion.

    Product Information

     Item No. Colour Size
    237645 Black 40cm
    237646 Black 70cm
    237647 Black 90cm
    237648 Black 120cm
    237649 Black 150cm
    237650 Black 180cm
    237651 Black 200cm
    237652 Black 280cm
    237653 Black 400cm
    237654 Blue 40cm
    237655 Blue 70cm
    237656 Blue 90cm
    237657 Blue 120cm
    237658 Blue 150cm
    237659 Blue 180cm
    237660 Blue 200cm
    237661 Blue 280cm
    237662 Blue 400cm
    237663 Khaki 40cm
    237664 Khaki 70cm
    237665 Khaki 90cm
    237666 Khaki 120cm
    237667 Khaki 150cm
    237668 Khaki 180cm
    237669 Khaki 200cm
    237670 Khaki 280cm
    237671 Khaki 400cm
    237672 White 40cm
    237673 White 70cm
    237674 White 90cm
    237675 White 120cm
    237676 White 150cm
    237677 White 180cm
    237678 White 200cm
    237679 White 280cm
    237680 White 400cm