Factory Polyester Christmas Tree Skirt

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  • The faux fur was selected carefully by us, plush is soft, high-grade elegant, compact structure, quality and feel better than others Christmas tree skirt products.

  • The tree skirt sets off the Christmas tree, which is especially beautiful in winter, perfect for snowy dream theme, Christmas theme, Christmas party and more

  • The Christmas tree skirt faux fur has long-lasting durability, after christmas, maybe you can use it as a home carpet, or fold it up to store use in next year.

Model 17011 Weight 200g
Height 780mm Width 780mm
Model 17011 Weight 260g
Height 900mm Width 900mm
Model 17011 Weight 480g
Height 1220mm Width 1220mm
Model 17011 Weight 740g
Height 1520mm Width 1520mm