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  • These water balloons are made of high quality , non-toxic and unscented. No foul odors or chemically powder coatings and 100% Environment-friendly product.

  • Water Balloons Kit Includes 1000 balloons(Random colors). Multi-color balloons: blue,green,yellow,pink, purple,red and orange.

  • Very fun for summer parties, swimming pool games and fight, trampoline games,sport fun for Kids & Adults, swimsuit party, diving ring, bath toy.

  • Slide a stack of rubber bands over the pointed end. Then put balloons over filler tubes, then slide balloons inside device and roll rubber band down and over balloon. Kids will have no problem and take little time to fill them up.

Name Luminous Balloon
Material Natural Latex
Colour Multi-colored
Shape Circular Shape
Characteristic Ribbon Lamp