The New Merry Christmas White Christmas Tree Skirt Can Be Customized

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  • The faux fur was selected carefully by us, plush is soft, high-grade elegant, compact structure, quality and feel better than others Christmas tree skirt products.

  • The tree skirt sets off the Christmas tree, which is especially beautiful in winter, perfect for snowy dream theme, Christmas theme, Christmas party and more

  • The Christmas tree skirt faux fur has long-lasting durability, after christmas, maybe you can use it as a home carpet, or fold it up to store use in next year.

Model 21018/78*78cm Weight 220g
Height 780mm Width 780mm
Model 21018/90*90cm Weight 240g
Height 900mm Width 900mm
Model 21018/122*122cm Weight 450g
Height 1220mm Width 1220mm
Model 21018/150*150cm Weight 700g
Height 1500mm Width 1500mm