Wholesale Tableware Round Reusable Red Sandalwood and Wenge Chopsticks Box

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  • These chopsticks are resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. These eco-friendly chopsticks sets are non-toxic. No odor, no allergies. Not easy to slip / not heat transfer, to ensure a new experience.

  • These chopsticks are made of high quality chicken wing and red sandal wood and are environmentally friendly. The wood structure is dense and corrosion resistant. Dry is not easy to deform, smooth in texture, uniform in structure and reusable.tight.concise.

  • It is durable and easy to operate. You can use them to eat noodles, sushi or rice. It can be sterilized at high temperatures to avoid bacterial infections.

Model: QGC-15
Color: Natrual Wood 
Longth: 250mm
Material: Winge and red sandalwood
Packing: Gift box